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Feeling like stop breathing when falling asleep


I‘m in a really Bad state since 3 months now.
I generally have the feeling that even breathing exhausts me.

When I want to take a nap, it’s like my body want to rest so hard that even the breathing stops. Mostly because of this I never want to take a nap.

But when I sometimes take a nap, I feel awful after that. It’s so difficult to breathe then. It is so scary. Does anybody had/ have the same symptom?

(sorry if my English is not correct)


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I used to have the same experience when my P.E.M. was really really bad several years ago. I felt as though the muscles that made my lungs expand and contract were far too exhausted (especially after exertion) to continue functioning. And I felt that if I were to take a nap, or even go to sleep at night, I likely wouldn't wake up again. So yes, I used to have that fear constantly.

Sleeping soundly and restfully actually got me past this obstacle. And the only way I was able to do that, was to let go of the anxiety associated with my full-bodied muscle weakness. Of course, that wasn't easy at all. But I learned to meditate, to be mindful, and really, just ignore my inability to breathe without struggling. So no, not easy getting through that.

In addition, the only supplement that helped me achieve restful sleep, was tart cherry powder. Prior to that, I hadn't had restful sleep in nearly seven years. Taking it two hours prior to bedtime had a sudden and profound effect.

Tart Cherry Study:


Webmd Article:


Hang in there :)
I use to get this quite often and found that a couple ounces of olive oil and lemon juice helped. I think it was more the olive oil (i never isolated it) I first noticed that i got help with this issue when i connected the dots when i was doing a liver flush with eposm salts and didnt have the issue that night. I tried just the lemon juice and olive oil in smaller amounts by itself and it did the trick.


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How do you sleep, on you back, on your side? How your head and neck is positioned? It may be more difficult to breath in certain positions.


When my cognition was at its worst, I suffered from some degree of central (not obstructive) sleep apnea (which is related to the hypoventilation syndrome Judee mentions above). The impact that ME/CFS has on the brainstem and hypothalamus can mess with even the most basic of body functions. I had a bi-pap for a while, which helped to some degree.

When I cleared up my candida infection, the steep nighttime drops in 02 I was seeing on my overnight oximeter graph went away. While I was still brain fogged in the morning, it wasn't nearly as bad.

Your experience sounds different than mine as it seems like you continue to have difficulty breathing even after you wake up, but I thought I would share in case it is helpful.