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FDA Proposal to Remove Midodrine from Market


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Los Angeles, USA
From the IACFSME

Dear Members.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has proposed removing ProAmatine (generic: midodrine) from the market, saying the required follow-up clinical studies haven't been conducted. The indication for use of midodrine hydrochloride is in the treatment of symptomatic orthostatic hypotension. A number of patients with CFS/ME say the drug helps them.

For more information, the FDA websites are:



Thank you.

Fred Friedberg, PhD

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ahimsa_pdx on twitter
This is going to affect a lot of patients in the USA. I think I read in one article that there were about 100,000 prescriptions for midodrine last year?

Here's an interesting analysis of the conflict between the business issues and the FDA regulation rules:

"Pill pickle: Hypotension drug quandary spotlights tough FDA's dilemma"

For those who are taking this drug and who want to take action the Dysautonomia Youth Network of America web site has an "urgent call to action" web page all about contacting the FDA: