Fatigue and sore back


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Thanks Ryan, that makes sense! Thanks for your advice much appreciated :) I will ask my GP about HLA-B27 test.
@ryan31337 -

Well kind of progress. I actually went to my GP today and talked about my symptoms and she actually was the one that wondered if I might have axial spondyloarthritis she did not say "axial spondyloarthropathy" due to the migrating pain (I didn't even have to suggest it, she did). She then said it's time to be referred to a rheumatologist. And to be honest I forgot to tell her what specific blood tests I needed, but thankfully she has requested HLA-B27! Pheeewww! Thanks so much, Ryan for letting me know my GP is on the right track. I also realize I also get jaw pain, which I should add to my list when seeing rheumatologist. Do you get jaw pain just behind ear? I mainly get it when I touch that area, rather than feeling it all the time. Occasionally I will get it cramping or sharp pain there too.

Oh I noticed you said you have thumb and spine pain. In the last month or so I have been waking up with thumb pain (in both thumbs - no swelling) and this is what made me think I need to go back to GP (plus increased pain in body and increased fatigued) as it didn't feel normal to have this pain when I wake-up. Thumb pain dies down after I wake-up and isn't really noticeable during most of the day.

Sorry one more thing, do you get IBS and food intolerances issues (which I suffer from)? I noticed this doesn't seem to be one of the symptoms with axial spondyloarthritis.
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