Fatigue after 5th b12 hydro injection


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Hi all,

Due a b12 deficiency I have started with b12 hydroxycobalamin injections.
This first 4 injections gave me energy, better mood and overall great feeling.
After the 4th injection these benefits are gone and are replaced with fatigue, drowsiness and brainfog.

The days around the injection I take Vitamin C (asorbate), Magnesium+p5p (malate+b6), Potassium and Himalaya salt.
Before bed I take Saffron with some iodine in it.

So it looks like the b12 isn't processed properly anymore, the first thing I can think of is folate.

Does anybody have experience with this? What could be the cause?
I am reluctant to take the next b12 injection because I don't want to make the CFS worse.

Thanks in advance.