Eyes and Overload Phenomena


I am having a flare of exess brain activity (neuro excitoxicity is the term I've seen used by most) and I am trying to quiet things down so I can function and feel better.

First of all, overstimulation of my brain feels like everything is burning and tight inside my head, I get woozy, off balance at times, and have great difficulty using my eyes throughout the day (reading, scanning, keeping my balance walking down a hallway, etc.) I also feel totally brain fogged, headache prone and my eyes burn like fire.

Things I have tried in the past to address these symptoms include:
- taking GABA every night
- following a low to no glutamate diet, in addition follow gluten/dairy/soy free
- take neurontin 3 x's a day
- have tried Klonopin, but think it makes me a tad worse

I have read Dr. Paul Cheney's info about managing the excess firing of neurons and see that I could also try Kava Kava and Valerian root which he recommends. I am already taking lots of magnesium by mouth, and am very scared to try magnesium by injection since I am so sensitive to medications and supplements.

What limits my ability to function the most when I have these types of flares are my EYES! I use preservative free drops, have had all of my tear ducts plugged to treat dry eyes and have seen several eye doctors and a neuro eye guy who don't have any other suggestions.

Can anyone offer support, advice, or comments? Thank you very much!


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Bayly sorry can't offer much in the way of suggestions but I also suffer terribly with eye problems, am unable to to read books or newspapers, long tracts of text etc. I just have to rest them when things get too much.Also have the dizziness and balance problems, mine is awful when I lie down, I dread going to bed.
I do SC magnesium injections daily, I have MCS and many sensitivites and intolerances but am okay with those. The one thing I would like to try in the future is curcumen, there is a lot about it being good for inflammation, there is a good product called Enhansa if you want to look at that. The difference is this supplement is able to cross the blood/brain barrier.
I have too much going on at the moment, having fillings out and starting a/biotic treatment so not a good time for anything else, but its definitely on my 'to do' list:) Hope you get some more suggestions.


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Yes..the burning eyes. I have that too and it is so painful and uncomfortable. Mine seem to happen when I am either out shopping or at work. I use to blame the lighting in the stores but now I am certain it is just brain overstimulation. For a while I was having it 3-4 times a week but it has calmed down some. Eye drops don't help when this happens to me. I do have some steroid eye drops that I will use occasionally when it becomes unbearable.
My head also feels like it is going to explode along with the burning eyes. I hadn't had this symptom in well over a year and just recently it has started up again.

I do want to mention when I was having this really bad I went to the eye doctor and he said my eyes looked inflammed on the surface but couldn't find anything else wrong so that is when he gave me the drops. He said it was not dry eyes and that is probably why the artificial tears didn't help me...he also said to only use the drops for 3 days and then take a break because they were a steroid.


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I would contend that this is attributable to oxidative stress, and the symptoms described above (brain fog, eye pain, head pain) are largely attributable to inflammation. (Don't get me wrong there are other causes of these symptoms, esp. brain fog) I had all these symptoms for years before I developed outright fatigue, and they were always correlated to overexertion. After I developed severe fatigue and a host of new symptoms this obnoxious eye pain & burning became chronic. Methylation treatment has substantially improved these symptoms. I see you benefitted from the methylation protocol; it's my guess that your glutathione levels are still suboptimal.