Extreme sensitivity to vitamin D - need help!


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For anyone reading this thread and seeing the high doses of vitamin D being mentioned, know that it's important to have your vitamin D levels checked to make sure you actually need to supplement.

Here's an interesting report (my bold added). The patient didn't have low levels of vitamin D but supplemented anyway. I don't know if he was taking the cofactors such as vitamin K and magnesium that help to manage calcium:
From: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/04/190408114319.htm
Title: Too much of a good thing? High doses of vitamin D can lead to kidney failure

April 8, 2019
Canadian Medical Association Journal
A 54-year-old man, after returning from a trip to Southeast Asia where he spent much of his holiday sunbathing, showed increased levels of creatinine, suggesting kidney damage or malfunction. After referral to a kidney specialist and further testing, it was discovered that he had been prescribed high doses of vitamin D by a naturopath, who recommended a dose of 8 drops every day. Over 2 ½ years, the patient, who did not have a history of bone loss or vitamin D deficiency, took 8-12 drops of vitamin D daily, totalling 8000-12,000 IU. As a result, he had very high levels of calcium in the blood, which left him with significant kidney damage.


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It's always a good idea to know why you're taking a supplement. In many cases, just as with vitamin D, too little can be as harmful as too much. Without any sort of testing, one wouldn't know. While supplements can do some good things, it's easy to think that they are always benign, and that there are no dangers involved.

But, with all that said, my body needs vitamin D at 10,000 units a day and if I cut back, it drops precipitously due to genetic factors. We're all different so it's good to know what's good for each of us is individuals.