Experiences with Nova in Florida?


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I was curious what your experience with the Nova clinic in Florida may be regarding testing and treatment for this condition or perhaps from what you may have heard from other ME patients?

I have an appt later this week with np Irena and wondering of she is thorough in testing and will test for mycotoxins/molds.in addition to the stealth herpes infections?

I just started reading the book toxic by Neil nathan and hoping that this clinic may be in alignment and deciding if it's worth it to go or if i should cancel

Its billed through Medicare part B so hopefully it won't cost alot and be worth the out of pocket 20%.

I already see Stanford which seems to have a cookie cutter approach and doesn't seem to have much interest in depth testing

Thank You


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Good try new clinics as I'm sure the answer will never be found in one alone. Wishful thinking that it could be that way....but I seriously doubt it.

As long as the researchers all work together we're heading in the right direction. Yours, Lenora.