Experiences with lumbar puncture and epidural blood patches


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Hey everybody.

I am interested in your experience of spinal tap and epidural blood patching. Particularly from the experience of ME/CFS people.

How you crashed.
I've had a crash already with the lumbar puncture and got very bad after it.

I am now collecting experiences of epidural blood patching. It would also be great if you had one, if you could describe your experience of it in relation to the lumbar puncture!

How it did compare, how it did feel. Thank you!

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Second star to the right ...
Thanks for posting the link @Thebirdman333 ....

I dont do Google polls, and I don't think I'm alone in that reluctance, so if you're not getting a lot of responses, you might consider reposting an internal PR poll, which I know is generally responded to more fully by members here ...

Either way, best of luck with the lumbar puncture. I had one prior to spinal surgery some years ago, and it was awful !!! Like you, HUUUUUUGE headache, uncontrollable vomiting for hours afterwards, and then whisked into a long surgery, which thankfully, I was heavily anesthetized for .... and yes, it WAS done at a teaching hospital, a highly respected one, but a teaching hospital nonetheless, so I'm hoping that this second one will be a lot easier for you ....