exist there a way to lower shgb?


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Hello. I suffer from cronic fatigue under the form of lethargy and insomnia issues. Began to suffer of lethargy in 2006, and insomnia in 2009. Recently (1,5 years ago) my sperm suddenly became liquid and very scarce and as i did sperm test it turned out a very low sperm count. No causes were found for this exept a low free testosterone due to a higher than normal SHGB. I tried testosterone shots as suggested by my doctor but they have been useless, the free testosterone remained under the lower limit and after i stopped the shots i began to have an exacerbation of my sleep issues. So i do not intend to assume any testosterone anymore and i d like to know if there exist natural ways to lower SHGB since it's the shgb that causes the low free testosterone (toptal testosterone is good and bioavailable too). Any idea?