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Exercise and Immunity

Jerry S

Senior Member
From the New York Times: Phys Ed: Does Exercise Boost Immunity?


I thought this part was interesting.

In the mice at the University of Illinois, moderate exercise subtly hastened the shift from a T1 response to a T2-style immune response not by much, but by just enough, apparently, to have a positive impact against the flu. Moderate exercise appears to suppress TH1 a little, increase TH2 a little, Woods says.

If in ME/CFS the immune system is shifted towards TH2, might this explain some of the negative effects of exercise or a GET program on patients?

My brain is mush right now. I'd be interested in what others think.


Phoenix Rising Founder
The NYTimes does it again. That is a great article and it fits. Both the Pacific Fatigue Lab and Dr. light have shown that our bodies do strange things in the exercise; specifically even mild exercise in ME/CFS has effects like really really really really strenuous exercise in healthy people. If our immune systems before exercise are already Th2 dominant then think what they are after exercise.

Great article - its gotten buried by the XMRV views - but I really enjoyed it. Thanks. :cool: