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**EXCLUSIVE** Biomarker Breakthrough?


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Listen to Bhupesh Prusty interview in the link.

For the past three years we have suffered with a myriad of over 200 symptoms. Every expert that we have spoken to has either treated the symptoms whilst acknowledging the lack of understanding of how we got to this point or postulated a possible theory of a mechanism without the data to back it up.
It is fundamental starting point - in order to tackle your ailment you need to know what ails you.
Finding a biomarker for a new disease refers to identifying a measurable biological characteristic or substance that indicates the presence, progression, or severity of that particular disease. Biomarkers can include molecules, genes, proteins, cells, or other measurable entities found in the body.
To date, no single biomarker or panel of biomarkers has been universally accepted for diagnosing or monitoring Long Covid.
That might be about to change.
This is the second part of our Session with molecular virologist Bhupesh Prusty, following on from where he began to outline his theory on a biomarker.
He promised to reveal more in a month and here is the definitive exclusive interview where he systematically lays out what his research has revealed.
This week he presented his findings at the International ME Conference 2023 with much interest. His paper has been submitted for publication.