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Excitotoxicity, possible cause / solution?


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Do many other people suffer from glutamate excitotixicity? I discovered this late last year when trying to use l-glutamine powder to repair leaky gut, and have begun finding more and more sources of glutamate in my day to day life, include immunopro which I've recently tried.

One thing I have noticed though, is that I never suffered from this until my doctor put me on a pyroluria protocol which involves high doses of zinc and b6.

I've done some research today, and it seems a lot of pyroluria protocols (not mine) include manganese as high doses of zinc create a manganese deficiency. Has anyone else tried manganese for combatting gutamate excitotoxicity?

I took some manganese earlier and then followed it up with a dose if immunopro. MUCH less excitotixity this time! Seems magnanese is used by glutamine synthetase to recycle glutamate back to glutamine.

Gotta love when medical treatments make you worse. The protocol also induced a copper deficiency as well.

Truely do wish doctors would be more careful. :(

I've also noticed high doses of b6 increase my muscle pain. I think the b6 could be exacerbating an underlying magnesium deficiency. Unfortunately, I'm one of these lucky people who can't tolerate magnesium supplementation.

So it kind of seems like my pyroluria protocol is just another big dead end!

Interested to hear if any other people with excitotixicity problems found solutions? Any people on long term zinc supplementation?


I found GABA at night helped calm some "wired but tired" feelings and I take 3 doses of gabapentin during the day. I take lots of magnesium by mouth, but have resisted the injections so far.

I avoid all sources of glutamate, glutamine, gluta-anything!

I've also heard from Dr. Paul Cheney's writings that kava kava and valerian root should be tried to help the neurons from firing too much. I'm preparing to purchase and try those, but haven't yet.

I hope you find something that helps you.


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According to Amy Yasko, too much zinc causes excitotoxicity, but a little can be beneficial. Unfortunately I can't find her article stating this.

Also, the manganese may be helping with superoxide.


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I wonder if finding the "correct" dose would help with excitotoxicity. By that I mean get very specific on dosing and lower or increase till the excitotoxicity starts or stops. I try to avoid it to, but my understanding is that glutamine is very good for helping the gut make glutathione.

Not sure about validity of this article, but appeared to be pretty straight forward. The downside is that PWC's gut is usually not in the best operating condition, which might affect this process.