Excellent ME/CFS article in The Guardian which oerfectly encapsulates my own experience and degree of symptoms

Rufous McKinney

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That is about the most brilliantly articulate Truth I have ever read..........

This is really mostly what is sort of happening to me at this time.

I literally did about four years worth of Do Not Seek the Cause of Your Misfortune. (metaphysical state of being)

I've moved on from that era, but still- my life is an endless project of correction has gotten very old.

Excited to read the comments below!

thank you so much for posting this.


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Yes, we take many side roads before reaching the highway that will help us the most. Of course a lot of it depends upon how ill one is. This man seems to be functioning and I say, "Good for him & his family."

So much depends upon letting go of our past dreams....what we though life would be and what it turned out to be. There are certainly worse lives and again, most certainly better ones.

I'm old now....and have lived with this for many, many years. I live in TX so the summers are long, hot and this year particularly extensive. At least I have air-conditioning and fans as needed (and yes, I conserve energy...one of the reasons we sit on our back porch as much as possible. Mind you, in the middle of summer, now as a matter of fact, one has to get up early to enjoy 5 hours of rocking and just being in the outdoors.

I realize that I'm extremely fortunate in having a helpful husband....he not only sees, he reads and understands. I can no long visit my daughter in CA (at least 3 levels....just too many stairs), but she comes here often....even if for a day or so. I know that I'm fortunate to have my oldest daughter in Dallas and we're grateful for the visits and kind things they do. Gratitude for what we do have is so important when dealing with this illness (I have a number that I turn to, although friends are rapidly disappearing).

We have many negatives in our lives and yes, days or much longer spent bedridden. But we also have some joy and it's up to each of us to find it.....even seconds worth of it. As we grow older we also change anyway. We're not the pups of yesterday and truthfully, I don't know anyone who hasn't been touched by extreme sadness of some sort or another.

I just wish that everyone had some back-up....and of course it remains to be seen if I will forever. Life is strange but we must have hope. Speaking of hope....it's too late for me, but it gives me great pleasure to think of newer, younger people who will benefit from the programs we started so long ago at a time when there was nothing. Thanks to the many researchers and doctors who are making this a possibility for the future. Yours, Lenora