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Evoked Potentials - neural lesions


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I have neuronal lesions on Evoked Potentials.
They did for now only BAER and SSEP n. medianus.
BAER shows neuronal lesion on right upper part of brainstem, this matches my left ear pain... in general i have facial neuropathies of both trigeminal and facialis nerve and as well auditory nerve as I have neuropathic pain in ear.
All this reduced a lot with antiibotics for suspected Lyme, but obviously some leftovers.

My BAER showed lowered amplitude on right side, and conclusion is neuronal lesion.
SSEP showed also on right side (left part of brain) but higher than brainstem level (not sure if this means in cortex? it seems so)

My MRI was clear before, now needs to be repeated. Hopefully nothing new as I dont really have any new signficiant symptoms since whatever hit me in 2005.

I am wondering if anyone knows what this means for ME?
My symptoms are classical ME ( as well as some other disorders like PANDAS and POTS), but I fit ME the best.
Also encephalitis explains my symptoms and BAER was done for the purpose of evaluating brain stem function. it'll be at least a month before i see a neurologist for answers.
Felt like a bomb exploded in my brain ..(which i wouldnt sort out under ME symptoms)

Very confusing what I have in the end.
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