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Evidence of Retrovirus Identified in Serum of ALS Patients


Neurology Today:
6 March 2008 - Volume 8 - Issue 5 - pp 1,14
doi: 10.1097/01.NT.0000314454.74483.a9

Evidence of Retrovirus Identified in Serum of ALS Patients
Talan, Jamie

A retroviral marker has been quantified in serum from patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) but scientists say that it is still not clear what the virus is or whether it is damaging motor neurons.



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Wow, Islandfinn, this is riveting. So many questions. Might the retroviral markers be the result of an endogenous retrovirus? Might this be XMRV, but they didn't use a PCR assay with the same sensitivity as WPI? Wonder if they'd get WPI to test the samples? INTERESTING that HIV patients with ALS-like symptoms improved with antiretrovirals!

Reminds me of something Michael J. Fox said about the onset of his Parkinsons. He was working at the time on a longer term project, and evidently a dysproportionate % of folks on that set went on to develop Parkinsons. Geez, so interesting - a possible viral link in neurodegenerative disorders...

Can't wait for the replication study! LOL (OK, a sick joke).:Retro redface:


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I saw a link to a study on that linked on here in early October, just after the Science article. I think I remember something about a retrovirus (it may even have been xmrv) in the spinal fluid of ALS patients. I am not sure if it is the sme one as I have read loads with a very foggy brain. It stuck in my mind because of Sthephen Hawkings. I was trying to tell some one about it and could not remember the disease or his name. All I could say was it was what you know that the realy brainy guy ( hating to say it) the one in the wheel chair with the voice thing. It felt so unfomfortable to describe him so. (one of my worst brainfog descriptions)
Anyway the person who posted that study might be able to check if is the same one


Daughters High School Graduation
Upstate SC, USA
Just a thought! With the recent events with XMRV and its impact on the testing, methodolgy behind the testing and a world wide effort of sorts to produce a standerized testing method for XMRV - Could this lead to the possible discovery of even more retroviruses or viruses?

gerwyn morris

I have just reread hong et al looking at XMRV transfection----the highest titres of XMRV in prostate cancer patients occcured in the semen! The semen actually stimulates XMRV replication-----Is there an amplification method here I wonder-------I wonder if the WPI know about this


"islandfinn said:
Yes, very interesting news. This should go in the News section instead of here?

sorry sofs - I was tired and didn't emphasize that while the article was published in 2008, I had just found it.

I think it's fine in the XMRV research section. But, I can move it to "Other Health News" if you like.