Estrogen Dominance Issues / Methylation

Hey all,
So I’m trying to understand why whenever I get methylation going / moving in the right direction, my estrogen rises rapidly and my periods get all out of whack.

I understand the final goal is to have methylation working perfectly, and I believe that methylation even helps deactivate and detox out estrogen.
My question is what is going on with estrogen as we work to get methylation going? I’ve seen countless cases of people’s estrogen significantly rising as they start up methylation.

As we start methylating and using huge amounts of nutrients compared to before, does this cause the estrogen dominance? (I’ve seen it theorized before that we need B2 to process estrogen, and it’s used up when starting methylation). Is it some nutrient deficiency, or likely multiple nutrient deficiencies as a result of the methylation?

I know histamine has a relationship with estrogen, and if it rises estrogen can also rise, but in my mind increasing methylation should decrease histamine.

Is it the vast amount of stored toxins / heavy metals that beginning methylation stirs up? I’m not sure the relationship between estrogen and circulating toxins.

I’ve found that whenever I use a methyl donor like choline, I feel great for the first month, my period is perfect, and it helps my histamine intolerance soo much! BUT without fail, as time goes on by the 2nd month on a methyl donor, my cycle is off, I have huge pms symptoms, sore breasts, terrible period related bloating (that was non existent previously).

I just wish I understand the mechanism in which starting up methylation leads to an increase in estrogen, so I could combat that. Is calcium d glucarate a good option?