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Esther Crawley - Research scandal posted on the student room

Someone's tried to alert Bristol Unis students about the problems with Crawley and her 'research' including the recent issue regarding ethical approval.

"I thought people could be interested in the problems with a researcher at Bristol University.

There's a wide range of problems with Esther Crawley's work.

She decuded to use children as the participants in the SMILE trial, the first trial of Phil Parker's quacky 'Lightning Process ". While she has still failed to publish results from this trial (although the trial registration state the recruitment end date as being 31/03/2013) she is now recruiting for MAGENTA. Both of these trials were nonblinded with subjective self-report questionnaires for their primary outcomes, meaning that results could never be reliable.

Prof Coyne blogged on these here: http://blogs.plos.org/mindthebrain/2...be-considered/

Crawley failed to seek appropriate ethical approval for some of her research on children: http://www.virology.ws/2017/08/28/tr...absence-study/

Crawley has been a key promoter of the PACE trial, a seriously flawed piece of research which recently led to a special issue being published by the Journal of Health Psychology: http://journals.sagepub.com/toc/hpqa/22/9

Over a hundred academics and patient groups have called for the retraction of a paper which used spun and inaccurate statistics to claim the PACE showed a recovery rate of 22% for the researcher's prefered treatments: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/18/o...-syndrome.html

Crawley went made even more exaggerateed and indefensible claims, publishing a paper which stated that PACE "indicated a recovery rate of 30-40% one year after treatment." http://www.centreforwelfarereform.or...ial/00296.html

Are any of Bristol's students aware of these problems? Any way of raising concern about these matters to try to stop them from getting worse? "