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ESME Facebook has talk of a European XMRV test?


Senior Member

Cathy van Riel
An XMRV test is almost ready in Europe. The price of the test depends if one is using cell culture, or serology (antibody). Within some days the laboratory will say which of these tests gives the best results, and then will give the definitive price. ...
In Novoclinic (Spain) blood extractions are organized for June 9th. If you want you can participate by calling the Novoclinic. more information follows as soon as possible.

What is this? and who is Novovlinic?


A clinic in Madrid, Spain.

They're simply saying they're going to arrange a 'batch' of bloods to send to Redlabs in the near future.

We knew from the VIPDx announcement already that Redlabs would soon be offering the XMRV culture test so it's not
anything earth shattering to be honest.