Epigenetic DNA testing


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One of the members mentioned getting an expensive Davini genetic test. I emailed Davinci and asked them if this includes an epignetic analysis-it doesn't. You can get tested much cheaper for $249 that includes epigenetic testing.


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i will loook at the epigenetic link. Does this include RNA analysis? i'm looking for a lab that will do RNA analysis (rather than DNA analysis) of at least a few select genes.

Update: jus t looked. you get a bunch of annoying vagu stuff like
"Using progressive Epigenetic science our advanced bioinformatics can calculate your exact age, and our experts can recommend ways to improve your health based on your results.".
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i looked further and the most they say is methylation markers. annoying. I could never use a company like that . came across another that also uses gimmicks in advertising like "dirty genes" and "scrub your genes clean" by buying their products of course. makes my skin crawl.