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Endocrinologist Visit- Need Comprehensive List of Test


Senior Member
Hi Everyone

So I'm thinking I'm going to go see a good endo in my area. I would really like to test for every possible problem. My health has been worse lately and you never know with ME/CFS if it is just the ups and downs of the illness, or if you could be developing additional health problems in addition to CFS.

Could somone help with a list of all the tests that I should request from an endocrinologist?


Senior Member
hi themoonisblue sorry i can't type all the test you need at the moment i''ve got flu, but i'll do my best to give you links to information you need.

Sounds like getting a good endocrinologist is a very good idea, if you have a goiter there a good chance you have some sort of thyroid problem link about it here http://www.endocrineweb.com/conditions/thyroid/thyroid-goiter

If you have low growth hormone it can be a sigh of a lot of problems link about it here http://www.emedicinehealth.com/growth_hormone_deficiency/page2_em.htm

One of the things linked to low growth hormone is the pituitary gland, which controls the endocrine system, so that needs to be investigated link about pituitary here

If you look through the tread started by soxfan in the symtoms section called waking up at 1am with continual adrenal like surges i've answeared questions from other people about thyroid and adrenal tests there and provided links to information,so you'll find everything you need there.

Goiter and Low Growth Hormone arn't in any of the diagnostic criteria for CFS which means there's something else going on, from what you've said it sounds like a good Endocrinologist would be the best place to start

hope this helps all the best


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I had an endo do a two hr human growth hormone test; it was normal. He does treat low growth hormone. He's a neuroendocrinologist but a really good endo probably does this.