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EAV Testing




I was wondering how many people here have tried EAV testing ? I know this testing has other names (electrodermal screening, etc.). Anyway, I thought I would ask because if I had to list what has been the most helpful treatment and testing for me, this is it. I highly recommend and especially for those people here, like me, who had numerous allergies and didn't know what they were allergic to. EAV testing has totally changed my outlook on health. Not only does this advice diagnose you (my opinion), but it also tells you which homeopathic (usually UNDA and PLEO) formulas will successfully treat you.

These were my test results from last week and already my allergies are better.... now that I know which foods I'm allergic to, that is.

I've had this testing done at least 15 times (it put me in remission in the 90s... before I even had a diagnosis) and every single time, the results make sense to me.

My test results:

Jaw/TMJ (chronic) --- funny thing is, I was getting migraines weekly and after I got this result, I saw my neuro-chiropractor and it was true. He aligned my jaw and I haven't had a headache since. = )

Lung (acute)

Large Intestine (chronic)

Ileocecal Valve (acute)

Nerve problems (chronic)

Circulation problems (chronic)

Food Allergies (chronic) --- I knew it !!

Skin Allergies (chronic)

Organ CMP (chronic) --- have no clue what that is

Adrenals (chronic) --- surprise.. surprise

Thyroid (normal) --- thought I would mention it... it is only normal because I've been supplementing with iodine.

Small Intestine CMP (chronic)

Uric Acid Metabolism (chronic) --- interesting that came up because I've read that people who have CFS and MS often have a low uric acid level. (Dr. Paul Cheney, I believe)

Carbohydrate (chronic)

Triglycerides (chronic) --- apparently my trigs were high this time (according to the testing) and that often goes along with illnesses. I try to avoid sugar and eat healthy so I was surprised at this result.

Joint (chronic) --- surprise... surprise !

Stomach CMP (chronic)

Fibroid (chronic) --- yep.. I've had a fibroid for years. I know TMI.

Skin CMP (chronic) --- have no clue what that is

Gall Bladder (CMP) (chronic)

Bladder (acute)

Uterus/Ovary (chronic) --- having some issues here too.

It also detected pathogen stress, molds, bacteria, neural stress, endocrine stress and 2 chemical sensitivities.

Treatment is UNDA formulas #1, #20, #48 (good for low energy) and #258

Testing is non-invasive and this is what helps me the most. Not only does it help me figure out which allergies I have and what is going on with my body, but it comes up with a treatment (homeopathic... formulas that a couple of members use here), that will balance you. I feel so much better today after taking the allergy formulas. It really works for me and I highly recommend.



Is your physician a Naturopath ? If not, he's probably never heard of this testing. This testing is usually performed by Naturopathic physicians (who know acupuncture) and/or acupuncturists. Since some practitioners use the PLEO formulas (and UNDA formulas)... I guess it would be sort of like neural therapy, but not quite the same. Anyhow... at least we have options and I've found that this option has been the most helpful to me. I think the BEMER comes in 2nd.


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interesting. yeah, i heard a lot of the eav device before ,its as known as this bicom machine. unfortunately my naturopath doesnt have any machines, she doesnt need it , but i am pretty curious about it. but i know a doctor who has the bicom , maybe i should go there out of interest for the machine...


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My naturopath uses this and it has been, for the most part, accurate. It's so interesting how you can get a peek at your internal organs and see how they are operating (or not). Then you can also see which supplements will work with your system to improve it's functioning. Also which supplements you might have a bad reaction to, before you actually take them.

I've heard there is also a program that tells you the amounts of the supplements that you will need, but my naturopath doesn't have this.

It is also used for allergy testing.



I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has had this testing done. I really must say that I am amazed at what "alternative medicine" has to offer these days.

I hope that everyone here will have the opportunity to try this at least once in their lifetime. I think it will totally change their views on healing. It is funny how an R.N. had told me about this testing. = )

I remember that once I had a TB skin test at work and then had an EBV appt. afterwards. The computer was going crazy trying to figure out whether or not I had TB and trying to come up with a formula to balance me.

I honestly cannot explain how this works, but IMO.. it has done more for me than any lab test results. Not everything will pop up on the computer all at once. It seems to pick up on the issues that are bothering you most at the time. It really is fascinating stuff and so are the UNDA and PLEO formulas that I'm taking to help with these "imbalances".


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I had treatment with EAV testing and injectable plus classical homeopathics in 1996/97/98.
I feel I made progress and I have not needed any of the very regular hospital stays and antibiotics I had prior to 1996 since.

The testing and treatment was impressive. I learned to inject myself which saved time and travel :)


What a timely topic.....

I have an appointment with an electrodermal practitioner this week. I have been looking and looking to find someone who is really experienced in this, because I truly believe in energetic testing. Prior to this, I had my acupuncturist muscle test medication, and usually the products that were critical resonated positive.

Most recently I am being treated for lyme, but I question the diagnosis. I am hoping to learn more about what are the underlying issues beside those that I know; CMV,HHV-6, EBV, Coxsackie, mycoplama hominis, and now lyme/babesia (even though both tests were negative).

Should I only go to someone who used the German products, PLEO and UNDA?

By any chance, are you in San Diego, or does anyone know of a good practitioner that they would recommend in this area? Please PM me if you do. I assume this cannot be done remotely....

thanks, nancy