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Dutch patient collects 30 250 or $36 883 for biomedical research


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(babelfish translation)
Contribution ErkenME to doctor R.C.W. Vermeulen: 30,250 euro!

Doctor Vermeulen takes verifies of 30,250 euro of ErkenME - 26 June 2010.

Today doctor R.C.W. Vermeulen of the CVS/ME centre Amsterdam and Ms Vermeulen and ErkenME-team came to my place for the receiving of the cheque.

The sun seems exuberantly, the garden doors are open and it feels good to come together. Doctor Vermeulen tells about the chosen biomedical project and tells us how important this research is and how valuable it is that the research takes place in the Netherlands . Then I keep my speech on behalf of our team and hand over the cheque to doctor Vermeulen: 30,250, 00 euro. My mother gives a boulder with ErkenME logo to him. We play the number `de steen' by Bram Vermeulen and go for a photograph moment to the garden:`Doctor Vermeulen, you have moved a stone in the ME-rivier. Water goes there differently than formerly. YOU are a boulder! Doctor Vermeulen and his wife appreciates the received contribution very much and reacts as i know him: warmly and apprieciative. We look back on an unforgettable day.

Christine van Reeuwijk




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Congratulations and thanks to anyone involved in organising, and/or donating money to, this appeal.

Guido den Broeder

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The money will be spent on gene activity of white blood cells, if im correct.?

Yes, that is correct. These are white blood cells that travel between the brain and the blood. Their gene activity shows what they are doing there. In the case of ME, the gene activity is expected to indicate inflammation. In other conditions, they find other activities.