drug which is causing Narcolepsy .... and i think possibly CFS


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i contacted the Medical Products Advisory Agency in Sweden last night after coming across the Mother of a 5 yr old English boy who's son has developed Narcolespy after taking Pandemrix (swine flu vaccine) (its taken him 7mths for the English doctors to come to that diagnoses).

This boy.. on discussion of his symptoms, i do think has Narcolespy but also has some symptoms im not aware of being in that disorder.. eg if he has a busy day, he takes 3 days to recover from it due to the exhaustion!! His mother also told me he cant walk distances due to exhaustion. (that isnt just narcolespy is it??). So ive started to think that this swine flu vaccine has given this young child CFS/ME (along with the narcolespy).

The MPA in Sweden is currently investigating Pandemrix and it causing Narcolespy in some teens.. i contacted them about this new case which i think would of suprised them (as this boy not a teen, he developed his issues far quicker to the drug then the teens they are investigating) (It appears the MPA didnt know about any cases in England (thou their investigation is world wide)... so this will be the first known English case).

I dont know if they got right away in touch with Englands authorties (i suppose they would of done so, i told them how to get in contact with the boys mum).. but the news now is just starting to break today about this drug causing Narcolespy .... but i think it may be causing CFS too!! So beware of this drug!!

Beware of allowing our children vaccine .. Pandemrix!!

http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/...ep-disorder-link/story-e6frea73-1225911210998 (what just appeared in Australias news today). Pity CFS/ME news is so much harder to get snowballing