Dr. Robert J. Suhadolnik, HIV and cfs researcher died


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I don't know much about his work, but it looks like he was a dedicated man, from the link posted above. The discoveries he made in CFS were in 1997 - 22 years ago, and still people are arguing about it being a 'real' illness.

Thanks for the work you did Robert, and may you rest in peace x


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From the article

"In patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, the researchers discovered a defective enzyme in their white blood cells. At one time, the ailment, which causes disabling exhaustion and flulike symptoms, was thought to be linked to depression and was considered a mental illness - a view superseded by the research of Dr. Suhadolnik and others.

"Something new is going on in chronic fatigue syndrome," Dr. Suhadolnik testified before Congress in May 1997. "RNASE L [an enzyme] was overactive, unlike anything we had ever seen before.

"We have had another surprise - we have seen a new form of RNase L, a smaller form of RNase L - in people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

"It is tempting to speculate that the presence and activity of the new form of RNase L correlates with the severity of clinical symptoms in people with [the disease]," he told the representatives.

Dr. Suhadolnik eventually patented a biological marker for chronic fatigue syndrome that was licensed through Temple to RED Laboratories of Belgium."

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/2...0__Temple_biochemist.html#tHHzZtTr0FsAlHhL.99


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I remember hearing him speak at, I think it was the AACFS conference in San Francisco in 1996. I remember thinking how promising the research field was looking. Shocking to think that was almost 20 years now.

Wish I could find the actual program for the conference. I did find this tentative schedule from an announcement for it. Amazing to review the names and topics and see how little has changed. I don't think Suhadolnik is on the tentative schedule - his research was just being released at this time, so his presentation was big, breaking news.

From "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Electronic Newsletter
No. 57 April 30, 1996 Washington DC":

>>>1. October CFS medical conference in San Francisco

The American Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (AACFS) will
hold a major medical conference on CFS research and clinical issues
during October 13-17, 1996 in San Francisco. The articles below
contain a tentative schedule of conference events, the conference
registration form, and AACFS membership information.

>>>2. Tentative conference schedule

The following is a tentative schedule of the five days of conference
events. It is subject to many changes, and is shown here only to
give a sense of the intended breadth of the conference. A revised
schedule will appear in a future edition of CFS-NEWS, after the
presenters have been chosen.

Sunday, Oct. 13

Special Session: Satellite Symposium in
Conjunction with American College of Nutrition
Panel Discussion: Controversies in the
Nutritional Management of CFS


AACFS Scientific Program Opens

Opening Remarks: Paul Levine, MD; Mark Demitrack, MD
Keynote Address: TBA

Scientific Session I - Epidemiology
Co-chairs: Paul Levine, MD; Andrew Lloyd, MD
Plenary Address -- New insights into the Epidemiology
of CFS: Andrew Lloyd, MD
[Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

Scientific Poster Sessions - Moderated Exhibit of
Selected Scientific Studies
Co-Chairs: Dharam V. Ablashi, DVM; Murray Gardner, MD

Discussion Breakout Groups: TBA

Monday, Oct. 14

Scientific Session II - Interdisciplinary Studies
Co-Chairs: Mark Demitrack, MD; Iris Bell, MD
Plenary Address - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and
Clinical Ecology: Iris Bell, MD
[Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

Luncheon Workshops
1: Immunology
Co-Chairs: Nancy Klimas,MD; Jay A. Levy, MD
2: The Quest for Homogeneity in the Case Definition
Chair: Benjamin Natelson, MD

Scientific Session III - Microbiology and Immunology
Co-Chairs: Jay Levy, MD; Theresa Whiteside, MD
Plenary address: TBA

[Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

Scientific Poster Sessions
Co-Chairs: Dharam Ablashi, DVM; Murray Gardner, MD

Discussion Breakout Groups: TBA

Dinner Workshops
3: International Clinical and Research Perspectives
Co-Chairs: Paul H. Levine, MD;
Kenny de Meirlier, MD
4: NIH Research Grant Opportunities: Application and
Review Process
Chair: Marcel Pons, MD

Tuesday, Oct.15

Scientific Session IV - Physiology
Co-Chairs: James Jones, MD; Peter Behan, MD
Plenary Address: Muscle studies and
Peter Behan, MD
[Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

Luncheon Workshops
5: Environmental Toxicology
Chair: Iris Bell, MD
6: Neuropsychological Functioning in CFS
Chair: John DeLuca , MD
Karen Schmaling, PhD
Paul Marshall, MD
Jordan Grafman, MD

Scientific Session V - Clinical Studies
Co-Chairs: Dedra Buchwald, MD; Michael Sharpe, MD
Plenary Address - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
Implications for CFS:
Michael Sharpe, MD
[Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

Speaker: David Spiegel, MD
Interface of Mind and Body: Lessons learned
from breast cancer patients regarding
long-term outcomes and treatment strategies

Sometime during the Research Conference there will be a talk by
Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, MD on "Psychological Influence of
Immunoendocrine Interactions", and by Ronald Glaser, MD on
"Stress-associated Immune modulation: Implications for Health".


AACFS Clinical Conference Opens

Wednesday, Oct. 16

Clinical Session I

Welcoming Remarks: David S. Bell, MD

Review of Research Conference: Anthony Komaroff, MD

Overview of the Clinical Approach to CFS:
Current Treatment Strategies in the US and Abroad
Chair: Dedra Buchwald, MD
Panel: Jonathan Rest, MD; Kenny DeMierlier, MD

Q & A Session

Clinical Session II

Role of Psychotherapy and Psychotropics:
Chair: Mark Demitrack, MD
Panel: Michael Sharpe, MD; others TBA

Gulf War Illness and CFS: speaker TBA

Q & A Session

Clinical Keynote Address: TBA

Luncheon Workshops
1: Doctor-to-doctor (MD's only)
Co-chairs: Nancy Klimas, MD; Mark Loveless, MD
2: The relationship between CFS and "chronic fatigue"
Chair: Jonathan Rest, MD
3: The CFS Experience
Co-chairs: Patricia Fennell, CSW;
Fred Friedberg, PhD
Clinical Session III

Rehabilitation Strategies - Panel Discussion
Co-Chairs: Sue Ann Sisto, PhD;
Gloria Furst, OTR/L, MPH
Panel: TBA

The Determination of Disability - Panel Discussion
Co-Chairs: Daniel Peterson, MD; Peter Manu, MD
Panel: Barry Make, MD; Thomas Lane, MD;
Jordan Grafman, MD
Discussants: Tom Gloss, MD; Marcia Scott, MD

Q & A Sessions (Separate Areas for the speakers in
the 2 sessions above. Extended timeframe for
individual questions)

AACFS Business Meeting


Dinner Workshops
4: Long-Term Prognosis of CFS
Chair: Dedra Buchwald, MD
5: Complementary Medicine and Nutritional
Chair: Paul H. Levine, MD
Panel: TBA

Thursday, Oct. 17

Clinical Session IV

Silicone Implants and CFS: An Ongoing Controversy
Henry Claman, MD

Q & A Session

Clinical Session V

Autonomic Nervous System and Fibromyalgia,
Neuroendocrine Abnormalities and Neurally Mediated
Hypotension in CFS
Panel: Daniel Clauw, MD; Peter Rowe, MD;
Stanley Schwartz, MD

Q & A Session

CFS in Adolescents
Co-chairs: David Bell, MD; James Jones, MD
Panel: TBA

Q & A Session

Luncheon Workshops
7: Cognitive Dysfunction - When to Evaluate?
Panel: Daniel Peterson, MD; Jordan Grafman, MD
8: Individual Case Review (MD's only)
Panel of clinical experts

Clinical Session VI

Long-Term Patient Management
Panel: Nancy Klimas, MD; Patricia Fennell, PhD;
Michael Sharpe, MD; James Jones, MD

Clinical Session VII

Ask the Experts - Panel Discussion
Moderator: Anthony L. Komaroff, MD
Panel: TBA

Concluding Remarks: David S. Bell, MD