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Dr Myhill information


Senior Member
Victoria, BC

Happy to see you here! And as you can see, the Petition is getting coverage.
I have a few questions; my letter mentioned one of the many horrific dogmas inflicted over time by the psychiatric "profession, " though a small scale one. There have been many more: pre-frontal lobotomy, "false memory syndrome," etc etc; do you think it would be useful to write at greater length on this history by way of introducing a direct challenge to the wisdom of allowing one dogmatic approach to totally govern the treatment of a disease, particularly when that disease is still not fully understood (is any disease ever fully understood)? And do you think it wise for one person to write more than one letter?

Or is it better to stick to the specifics of the "case"--the implications of "public safety," the haste, the limited opportunity for defence, etc.? It does sound an extraordinary procedure--I called it Orwellian (both Animal Farm and 1984 were in my mind), maybe should have invoked Kafka too!
It is great to have your advice directly on the Forum! Best, Chris

Sorry for late reply - still working my way around this site.

My view is that it is better to stick to the basics and only send one letter.

Depending on the reply you get, then the conversation and more letters follow.

I had a letter conversation of 8 months and over 20 letters last time on one very small point. This is now with the UK Information Commissioner regarding freedom of information legislation.

But, always the best advice is to do what you feel most comfortable with because that will probably result in a better letter



Currently 566

Love to get it to 1000!

I'm asking friends, family too etc....

Any other ideas?


Perhaps people could please post details on the Lyme, thryroid, fibromyalgia etc forums they are members of, in addtition to ME forums?
UK - Have your medical notes been accessed without your permission?

Please see Dr Myhill's webpage on her GMC hearing, reproduced below:

The GMC are taking patients' notes without their knowledge or consent
I have been constantly investigated by the GMC since 2001. During this time the GMC have been taking the private and confidential NHS medical records of my patients without their knowledge or consent. This has been done without informing patients, nor asking permission, without anonymising the notes, nor informing the patient of their legal right to object to this action. The GMC state they do this in the Public Interest, but have consistently refused to state what that Public Interest is.

I have raised these concerns on numerous occasions with the GMC both in letters, at a meeting with Ms Jacky Smith on 12th August 2009, Head of Investigations of the GMC and as a formal complaint to the Solicitors Regulations Authority about GMC Solicitors and Solicitors acting for the GMC.

No action has been taken on this issue by the GMC. I know that they are continuing to take confidential patient NHS medical records without knowledge or consent because one such set of notes has just been delivered to my office. The GMC took these patient NHS confidential notes in August 2009. I was not informed.

My patients have been extremely distressed by these actions and rightly so. This has been a source of great distress to many patients. It has also been a great source of distress to me that just by dint of being a private patient of mine, that patient's NHS records are then at risk of being taken in the course of GMCs investigations of me.

My office has been inundated with telephone calls and emails which include many from distressed patients who do not know if their confidential NHS medical records have been taken by the GMC without their knowledge. I am unable to reassure them they have not because I am not informed when the GMC take my patients NHS records. The only way you can find out if this has been done is to contact the GMC. See DPA letter for contact details.

For further info as to rights under the Data Protection Act - see GMC - Data Protection (link on Dr Myhill webapge)

A typical DPA request letter you can source here DPA letter (link on Dr Myhill webpage)
Dr Sarah Myhill Demo!


A big thank you for all your support so far.

Now it's Demo time.

Here is the news from oneclick:

This document gives you all the details you need for how to support Dr Sarah Myhill
This good doctor loved by thousands is under threat from the ridiculous General Medical Council (GMC)
Please help her to continue her work
Email Paul Bridge, GMC pbridge@gmc-uk.org
Email Niall Dickson, GMC Chief Executive ndickson@gmc-uk.org

There are no more seats left for you to watch Dr Myhill’s hearing that takes place at 9.30am so join the Demo instead!
Time: 13.30pm
Date: Thursday 29 April 2010
Venue: Outside the GMC offices at Regent’s Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN
Map: See HERE. Relevant tube stations are Great Portland Street, Warren Street and Euston Square
The nearest National Rail stations are Euston and King’s Cross St. Pancras
Demo Coordinator: Ruth Myhill at ruth.lyreco@yahoo.co.uk
Please email Ruth to express your interest and let her know if you will be coming
More Demo details shortly to be published on One Click


See http://www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/ for the links and further details

Many thanks.

I have just spent a day and a half printing off 700 pages of support letters and emails. I am sending this to the GMC. Don't worry - keep your emails coming in and they will be included. As part of their bureaucracy the GMC have to copy all submitted documents NINE times! So, someone is going to be busy at the photocopier! And there's more to come with the petition and other submissions.

All the best


nine copies of each! they will be busy

thank you, you are doing a great job

wish I could be at the demo but I am almost house bound - I hope loads of people turn up


Off the fence

And a picnic in Regents Park?
Min - you can be there virtually - see below:

The Silent Army and the Noisy Army will demonstrate outside GMC Offices London at 1.30pm on Thursday April 29th

This demonstration is not just about Dr Myhill. It is much more about how the ME/CFS community has been systematically down-trodden by the Medical Establishment for decades. Come and leave your mark!

If you are not well enough to come (and I do not want very sick people made more ill as a result of this day) - join the Silent Army! Send a picture of yourself by email to the demo organiser Ruth Myhill stenoa49@yahoo.co.uk with a short message to the GMC (no more than 8 words). These will be made public on the day.

If you can come - yippee! Bring an A3 size paper with a message from you to the GMC which can be read in a photo shoot! We will gather at 1.30pm. The Silent Army will amass ranks during the morning and be present for all to see. There will be a speech by Dr Myhill and at 2pm the GMC will deliver its verdict. This Dr Myhill’s champagne or chopping block moment! We will then disperse. Please tell Ruth if you can be there so she can keep you all updated.

We shall bring every single letter and email that has been sent to the GMC together with the online petition and Facebook. If you have not put your name to these - please do so now!

Petition - see WITCH HUNT OF DR SARAH MYHILL - this now has 2095 signatories!
Facebook: SUPPORT DR SARAH MYHILL 1,205 entries
One Click has done a lovely job - see Support Dr Sarah Myhill Campaign Launched. Ask to be put on the mailing list.
For directions to the GMC see [[1]]

Please keep in regular touch with this website - the GMC have changed the arrangements once and this has cause havoc already!

The Hearing is at 9.30am on Thursday April 29th . There are 24 seats available to the Public which have all been booked. Unless you have a seat do not come at 9.30! In the Public Interest we have asked the GMC to allow us to video record the meeting. This will go on-line as soon as technically possible. We will keep you updated on this website of details.

If you do have a seat booked for the Hearing but are not well enough to attend, please let us know at jane@doctormyhill.co.uk so that we can fill it.



The game is afoot
Can someone be my proxy at the Myhill hearing?

I've been offered a place at Sarah's hearing but am not well enough to attend, sadly.

The GMC says that I can send a proxy in my place but I have to let them know the person's name by Monday (26th). I assume an email address will be required too.

If any UK people would like to go and take a short testimonial from me (assuming one can be read), please PM me.