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Dr Myhill - GMC apologised for transgressions of the data protection act.


Senior Member

Information Release, Dr Sarah Myhill MB BS
The General Medical Council systematically filleted out of their official files all communications from me to the GMC between December 2005 and December 2007. This is illegal under the Data Protection Act. I now have two letters from GMC Information Access Officer Mr Julian Graves and GMC Assistant Director Mr Neil Marshall admitting the offence and apologising without reservation.

The GMC did not reveal these missing documents until the day of my Interim Orders Panel Hearing I did not know until it was too late that these documents had indeed been filleted out of the official record. All the IOP had to examine was the GMCs version of events. Since my past history with the GMC has to be taken into account with respect to recent allegations against me, the GMC did not have a complete history that included my side of the story. Since the GMCs potted version of events is largely incorrect, omitting my version is serious.

The GMC seems to believe that it is fine to remove documents from the official record, show them to whom you see fit, with-hold them when is convenient, then say what you like to suit subsequently. Just this one incident is symptomatic of the GMC investigation of me over the past nine years run with any old allegation from any old person and when the facts dont fit ignore them or make up new ones that suit.

In what is an unprecedented move to date, the General Medical Council has apologised without reservation to Dr Myhill for transgressions of the Data Protection Act leading up to her IOP Hearing in April 2010.

The apologies proffered by Julian Graves and Neil Marshall represent recognition on the part of the GMC that they are not invincible and can and do make mistakes. This may appear to be a minor victory but it is also a first and significant step in Dr Myhills battle to restore her prescribing rights and to defend herself against allegations she faces, all of which is documented on this website.

The without reservation' apology proves that the GMC are at last listening to Dr Myhill, her patients and supporters and are willing to do the honest thing and investigate complaints into their handling of her case. In time, we trust they will also turn their attention to other serious issues raised by Dr Myhill in connection with other investigations over the last nine years - none of which led to to any GMC action.

Those of you who have followed Dr Myhills struggles with the GMC since 2001 will be aware that she has frequently claimed that the GMC have withheld information pertinent to her defence, failed to provide information in a timely manner, taken patient records (permissible in certain circumstances) but then failed to anonymise them properly prior to circulation and withheld information from expert witnesses.

The Data Protection Act was designed to ensure safe and proper handling of personal information and it is only right that the GMC adhere to the standards imposed by the Act in the same way that every other organisation is obliged so to do.


All the patients whose right to privacy and confidentiality has been violated by the GMC should be notified by them without delay.