Dr Myhill and the end of UK Clinical Freedom?

To whom it may concern,

The news [see BBC web-link below] on October 15th 2010 that Dr Sarah Myhill is to be suspended from medical practice for a year is utterly disgraceful and simply beggars belief. Dr Myhill properly submitted her mitochondrial ME/CFS work to peer-review and is an outstanding and conscientious medical professional. If this General Medical Council (GMC) ruling is allowed to stand and not successfully challenged by judicial review then de-facto state-directed medicine has arrived in the UK.

Yesterday was a black day for ME/CFS patients, a black day for clinical freedom, a black day for genuine medical science and a black day for the country. It is shameful.

Progressive science-based forces must not be disheartened by such a travesty. We must re-group, fight back and stand up for one of the best and most outstanding doctors in UK general practice.

Kevin Short.

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