Dr. Koroshetz requesting grant proposals for ME/CFS on Twitter 4/13


In a telebriefing in March, Dr. Koroshetz stated the following in response to a question:

"Thank you very much. Yes, I hope that COVID doesn’t lead to an increase in ME/CFS, but I suspect that, as the caller mentioned, it’s something that we should be prepared for

Unfortunately, at this point, we don’t have a preventative therapy. And then, I’d also add that the intramural program in ME/CFS is looking particularly at folks who develop symptoms after characteristics of a viral infection.

So, this idea of a viral infection - infectious mono, Lyme disease, for instance - triggering immune response that then goes on to ME/CFS is front and center in folks’ minds. But we always hope that it won’t happen with COVID-19, but I think we, as you mention, we should be ready for that."

Rufous McKinney

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and the LA Times ran an article yesterday about ongoing problems for patients being multi-systemic

Was able to read this link (not NYT).....

Love this new term! “I think there will be long-term sequelae"

I guess we could call all the drama we experience with ME, we could call that a Sequel!