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Dr Jason's CAA webinar on CFS diagnostic criteria now on YouTube


Fine, thank you
And here it is.

Really fascinating - I recommend it. Some amazing facts about the implications of various criteria. I feel really glad that people of the calibre of Dr Jason are fighting our corner. Thanks to the CAA for putting this webinar out where we can all see it! Here's their blurb:

"In this presentation, Dr. Leonard A. Jason of DePaul University explores whether current CFS and ME/CFS case definitions and whether they adequately identify patients who have this illness. He offers the argument that better case definitions might help identify more homogenous patient groups, which could facilitate the identification of biological markers for this illness. Dr. Jason has been engaged in several of the efforts to craft meaningful definitions for CFS. He will discuss the various CFS case definitions, how they impact research and care, and how the definitions might be improved to better serve researchers, clinicians, and patients."​

There is a lot of information in here that can help you explain to any unsympathetic doctors (or even acquaintances) why you probably have a completely different illness to other people who are diagnosed as having "chronic fatigue syndrome" and who got better by exercising more/pulling themselves together/cheering up, etc. Knowledge is power!