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Dr David Tuller: Trial By Error Calls for Retraction of the LP Study


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Trial By Error: Calls for Retraction of the LP Study
By David Tuller, DrPH

Last week, when I sent Dr Fiona Godlee an open letter about the untenable decision by Archives of Disease in Childhood to republish the originally reported findings from the Lighnting Process trial, I cc’d many of the 55 signatories. Now three of them–Professor Ola Saugstad from the University of Oslo, Professor Racaniello from Columbia University (and host of Virology Blog), and Professor Elisa Oltra* of Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Martir–have sent their own forceful comments to Dr Godlee and the others cc’d on the original letter.

All three strongly support the case against the paper. Professor Saugstad and Professor Racaniello explicitly call for retraction. Professor Oltra* questions why such a trial was even conducted, given the paucity of information available about the Lightning Process, and calls the published report “unsustainable.”
I am reposting their comments here.

*I corrected the spelling of Professor Oltra’s name from “Ultra” in both places a few hours after posting this.

Dear Dr. Godlee,

I recently signed the letter to you regarding the pediatric study of the Lightning Process conducted by investigators from the University of Bristol. The study, published in ...................
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