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Dr David Tuller: Oxford-NHS Recommends GET/CBT for Post-COVID “CFS” Patients


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The usual inferno trinity must be relishing the work that is about to reverse their fortunes in the wake of Post-Covid CFS as their ME kingdoms are about to populated with many thousands of new PVS and future ME patients. GET and CBT cures ME they are informing the new victims.

In a Private Eye article this week, Dr Phil Hammond of Dr Esther Crawley's Bath clinic explains to the readers that they know (apparently) that post-viral fatigue and CFS arises if the patient had been fearful prior to infection and, as people are worried about Cornonavirus, he is preparing for an increase in the clinic's workload.

This leaflet was circulated by the Oxford NHS for the treatment of Post-Covid PVS/CFS, also known they claim as 'Myalgic Encephalitis' ! The recommended safe and proven treatment they inform the British victims of Post-Covid Syndrome is GET and CBT. They recommend the patient uses an exercise bike, swims, dances and trots up and down flights of stairs. This, apparently, cures people with ME.

Professor Michael Sharpe lives in Oxford.

David, thank goodness, is on their case.

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Now for David's article.


Trial By Error: Oxford-NHS Recommends GET/CBT for Post-COVID “CFS” Patients
16 APRIL 2020
By David Tuller, DrPH

Since the coronavirus epidemic hit, people with ME have been concerned about the possibility of a secondary wave of post-COVID-19 cases of prolonged disease–especially given emerging evidence of neurological complications of the illness. Key investigators in the field, attuned to the same possibility, are planning prospective studies of COVID-19 patients to track whether some develop an ME-like condition. Such studies could provide significant insights into the pathophysiology of post-viral disease.

Others are taking a retro approach and falling back on stupid old habits. The Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust–the agency that oversees NHS services in the Oxford area–recently posted a guide about coronavirus and fatigue that recommends, yes, graded exercise and cognitive behavior therapy. This pamphlet reads as if it emerged from a time warp. It’s the Rip van Winkle approach to health care–this crap could have been written 20 years ago. The pamphlet provides no indication that the author or authors are aware that the advice being dispensed has been contested fiercely in recent years–and that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is currently revising its outdated guidance for the illness.
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Oh boy....words fail me.
We will have to see what happens to a certain person well known to us who spent 8 days in hospital and came out on Easter Sunday.
I actually hope he doesn't get lingering fatigue/health issues as a result (wouldn't wish it on anyone) But it would indeed be interesting to see how GET and CBT would get him better!!


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The above link to the Oxford Health NHS document is not working, but I think this is the actual document. It is entitled "Coping with Coronavirus Fatigue".

This is what it says:
What might you expect following any virus?

Many people feel tired and exhausted after they have a virus. Some people just feel a bit more tired than usual. Whilst others feel exhausted and low much of the time, and find it hard to get back to normal levels of activity. Most of us will make a full recovery, but if you are still not back to your usual levels of energy, you feel very tired and low four months or more after you had the virus (or three months in children), then you may have post-viral fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Some people may go on to develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), sometimes also called Myalgic Encephalitis (ME), this is a condition which affects people in different ways.

Then it goes on to describe ME/CFS and some treatments like PACING, GET and Michael Sharpe's highly dubious CBT.


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Good grief! When will this end? This will simply continue to add to the confusion around how to help ME/CFS patients, not just in the UK, but all over the world. I thought we had this nipped in the bud, but alas no.
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Unbelievable. I wonder if they truly believe it out of ''empathy'' or it's more that they don't want their ''theory'' to be wrong... Haven't they followed the science about 'something in the blood' and other studies? Why can't they accept that not everything might have a simple explanation.

Rufous McKinney

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When they get sued for all they owned

I suspect they can't be sued in Great Britain. Thats why this has continued- for decades now.

My health insurance USA- provides me no treatment. Charges me money but provides nothing. I should sue them. I can't. They make you sign and agree to never sue them in order to obtain the insurance and you can on ly have arbitration. Arbitration can lead to- nada, zero. Nothing. One opinion in favor of the SYSTEM, and thats the end of any case.