Dr David Tuller: More GET Drivel From Australia


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Trial By Error: More GET Drivel from Australia
29 JULY 2019
By David Tuller, DrPH

Some Australian members of the GET/CBT ideological brigades have published yet more nonsense and drivel about “graded exercise therapy” as a treatment for ME/CFS, or what they are still calling “chronic fatigue syndrome.” The article, simply called “Chronic fatigue syndrome: graded exercise therapy,” is in a peer-reviewed journal from a reputable publisher yet is full of unsupported and questionable claims. It references the PACE trial without discussing the developments that have undermined the trial’s credibility, including published re-analyses that refute the core findings. In fact, it reads as if the authors are unaware that the entire debate has been transformed in recent years–which isn’t surprising, because it is basically a reprise of material created in 2015 by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

The lead author, Professor Paul Glasziou of Bond University, is a general practitioner and director of the university’s Institute for Evidence-Based Medicine. He was also the senior author of a published protocol for a Cochrane “individual patient data” review of...
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