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Dr David Tuller: More Experts Urge Godlee to Retract Lightning Process Study 9th Sept 2019


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Trial By Error: More Experts Urge Godlee to Retract Lightning Process Study

By David Tuller, DrPH
Last week I posted three comments sent to Dr Fiona Godlee, editorial director of BMJ, in support of retraction of the biased and discredited Lightning Process. All three–Professor Ola Saugstad of University of Oslo, Professor Vincent Racaniello of Columbia University, and Professor Elisa Oltra of University Catolica de Valencia San Vicente Martir–were among the 55 experts who signed Virology Blog’s recent open letter to Dr Godlee. That letter expressed concern and dismay that Archives in Disease in Childhood, the BMJ journal that published the study two years ago, had acknowledged the methodological violations documented on Virology Blog but nonetheless republished the original, seriously compromised findings. When I sent the letter to Dr Godlee, I cc’d many of the signers.

Since Professor Oltra sent her note, additional calls for retraction of the paper have come from: Dr Alan Gurwitt, a retired Yale psychiatrist; Dr Marlon Maus* [corrected shortly after posting from Maos–sorry, Marlon!], a colleague from Berkeley’s School of Public Health; and Professor Jonathan Edwards of University College London. In his letter to Dr Godlee, Professor Edwards mentioned Cochrane’s revised risk-of-bias tool, just published by BMJ, and noted a troubling detail–the revision’s lead author, Professor Jonathan Sterne of Bristol University, was also a co-author of the Lightning Process study.
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