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Dr David Tuller Crowdfunding - April 2021


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
I was thinking last week its almost April, i wonder if there will be another fundraising push:
What a year.

One thing that's happened, for obvious reasons, is that the rest of the world has discovered the existence of serious post-viral conditions. That means the illness or cluster of illnesses known these days as ME/CFS is receiving more attention.

Berkeley has again designated April as a month for campus projects to seek tax-deductible donations through the university's online crowdfunding platform for my Trial By Error project. I hope to raise $60,000 in gifts to Berkeley to cover the six-month costs for my position as Senior Fellow in Public Health and Journalism at the Center for Global Public Health, which is part of the School of Public Health. The funding will cover from July through December of this year.

Some Recent Highlights

Here are a few recent highlights of my work::

*The Journal of Health Psychology has accepted an analysis I co-authored (with Irish psychology professor Brian Hughes) of a recent paper by Professor Sir Simon Wessely and Professor Trudie Chalder in the Journal of the Royal Society of London. This review of clinical outcomes from almost 1000 patients who received CBT is full of bogus and unjustified claims. Our paper documents the many flaws and formally requests that the misleading abstract be corrected.

*I have written multiple posts about the complicated and unclear overlaps between ME/CFS, MUS and the Long Covid phenomenon. The biopsychosocial brigades are seeking to colonize Long Covid as they have these other fields, and it is important to keep critiquing their research and assumptions.

*Medical Humanities, a journal from BMJ, has published a paper I co-authored (with Northwestern University law professor Steven Lubet) about MUS, which called for humility on the part of experts in making definitive statements about conditions of unknown etiology. The commentary was a response to an egregious 2019 paper co-authored by Professor Michael Sharpe, one of the lead PACE investigator.

*Another co-written paper is current under view, and a couple more are in the works. While I have devoted most of my time to reporting, it is important that scientifically illiterate studies are also debunked in the medical literature and not just in journalism or blogging venues.

*BMJ Pediatrics Open has retracted a study of CBT plus music therapy as a treatment for chronic fatigue in adolescents after acute EBV (aka mononucleosis and glandular fever). The study violated multiple core scientific principles and the journal's review process broke down. A smart patient initially pointed out some of the issues to the journal, and I followed up with multiple posts and letters to BMJ. (Unfortunately, the journal posted a very bad revised version, but still.)

*I have maintained a consistent presence on Facebook and Twitter, responding to events and drawing attention to bad research and anti-scientific claims.


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
$60,280! :trophy: :balloons:

100% reached!

Hopefully he even gets a bit more in the next day till the crowdfunding closes, iirc he used extra funds in previous years for trips to the UK and Australia for research/reporting purposes.