Dr David Tuller: Crowd Funding, Week 2; and more Sharp and Chalder


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Trial By Error: Crowdfunding, Week 2; and more Sharpe and Chalder
15 APRIL 2019
By David Tuller, DrPH
As of this post, I have achieved 57% of my goal, with 542 donations and 15 days left to go. I think that’s pretty good! I’m optimistic about getting reasonably close to the amount I’m trying to raise. Folks at Berkeley certainly notice the success of my crowdfunding. It is an unusual way for academics to support their positions, but from the university’s perspective I’m doing what academics are supposed to do—bring in money.
The UK continues to dominate, with 206 donations, followed by the US with 107, Norway with 64, Australia with 40, Sweden with 26 and Canada with 22. Six people donated from New Zealand, where I’m planning to go later this year. Last year I received around 1000 donations, so there still seems room to grow!
Here’s the link: https://crowdfund.berkeley.edu/project/14941
“While the team said they are still investigating quite why CBT helps, they noted the therapy was tailored specifically to IBS and, among its features, offered participants information on how the bowel works, practical advice on eating and exercise, and ways to manage stress, sleep and emotions.
It also included ways to break patterns of unhelpful behaviours and thoughts, such as people with diarrhoea immediately dashing to the toilet if they felt the urge, or people waking up with stomach problems and therefore assuming the day would be difficult.”

Hm. This “therapy” seems to be trying to do lots of different things at once. I’m not sure how the investigators could possibly tease out which factor would account for whatever improvements they’ve observed. Practical advice on eating or stress reduction training could conceivably help patients cope with IBS and boost their self-reported outcomes while having little to do with the provision of CBT. Moreover, if The Guardian is right and the investigators were telling people about to have an explosive expulsion event to avoid rushing to the toilet…well, let’s just say I’m glad no one taking part in this study was living in my house.
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