Dr David Tuller: Cochrane's Report on Courtney's Complaint


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This was posted on 12th March, just a few days after the first anniversary of Bob's death.

Trial By Error: Cochrane’s Report on Courtney’s Complaint
12 MARCH 2019
By David Tuller, DrPH
When I posted earlier today, I also meant to update what was happening with the exercise review. On March 8, Cochrane announced, through a notice appended to the review, that the authors would submit another revision in May. (Cochrane has already rejected a previous revision submitted last fall.) That is also the month when Dr Tovey leaves his position as Cochrane’s as editor-in-chiefl it is unclear what that coincidence portends, if anything. Presumably the final decision on the exercise review will rest with Dr Tovey’s successor.
Here is the notice appended to the review:
‘Cochrane’s editors and the review author team have jointly agreed that there will be a further period up to the end of May 2019, in which time the author team will amend the review to address changes aimed at improving the quality of reporting of the review and ensuring that the conclusions are fully defensible and valid to inform health care decision making. The changes will also address concerns raised in feedback since the Robert Courtney complaint. The amendment will not include a full update, but a decision about this will made subsequently.’
As far as Cochrane’s report on Courtney’s complaint…In Norway, people can access documents that public agencies list on this site. The Cochrane report was included in correspondence between the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Cochrane, a record of which can be found here.