Dr David Tuller: A Crowdfunding Wrap-up 13th May 2019


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Trial By Error: A Crowdfunding Wrap-Up
14 MAY 2019
By David Tuller, DrPH

This wrap-up is almost two weeks late, but things keep cropping up! It goes without saying that I am extremely gratified by the support for my April crowdfunding on Berkeley’s in-house platform. The university received 1025 donations totally $103,283 for “Trial By Error.” Of those donations, the most–384–came from the UK. That was more than twice as many as the 184 donations from the US. Next came Norway and Sweden, with 107 and 104 donations, respectively, followed by Australia with 68 and–a tie!–both Canada and the Netherlands with 30.

The funds go directly to the Center for Global Public Health–my home unit at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health–to support my academic position as Senior Fellow in Public Health and Journalism for the fiscal year starting July 1, 2019. After Berkeley takes a 5% gift fee and a 2.5% credit card fee (except from the few donations made in the form of paper checks), the Center will receive about $95,000. That amount will cover my salary at between 55% and 60% time, plus health insurance and other state employment benefits, with several thousand left over to help with travel expenses. (I will provide a more exact accounting after the start of the fiscal year.).....................
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