Does vitamin D make anyone else “excited”

I seem to notice a pattern that when I start taking vitamin D, I start to get strange symptoms, mostly intense anxiety and then if I keep taking it Hey Mark increase in heart pounding,

I have tried to to three times now to continue with daily supplementation of vitamin D however it makes me feel this way and whenever I stop I seem to go back to normal

I don’t know if it’s exactly the D but I’m having a pounding heart sensation post coronavirus, and I was megadosing vitamin D about 25,000 UI


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One brand makes me feel ill--can't remember if I was experiencing what you were as it was several years ago.

Prohealth and fish oil types seem okay though but I have to take with K2 or I get horrible leg cramps. No anxiety or heart pounding with these types.

Also I think because vitamin D is said to be used in so many processes in the body, it may create sudden deficiencies. For me, it created a vitamin C deficiency.

The other thing is that it could be affecting your calcium levels. When I look them up both hyper- and hypocalcemia can cause heart rhythm issues. Hypo is the one that lists anxiety too though. Have you tried eating a calcium rich food when you take it?