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Does T-DAP vaccine make CFS worse



Does a T-DAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) vaccine make CFS worse? I was given this vaccine in February 2009, and I have been getting worse fatigue, and tiredness, ever since. Each month it gets worse. I feel really sick. It is hard to concentrate and my head hurts with pressure inside. I make mistakes at work, (transposing numbers.) I am scared. I have to work, to pay my rent, and I am SO tired, and am worn out. I had EBV THREE times as a teenager. Would the T-DAP make the EBV come back? I asked my infectious disesase doctor to test me for EBV, in September 2009, but he has not ordered it yet. (I also have the stomach bacteria H.PYLORI IGG: 2.93 (reference <0.91). Does this cause high levels of white blood cells, for infection? (The infectious disease doctor says my WBC was normal.) WHY? Wouldn't it be high with an H.PYLORI infection? My stomach still feels raw after two weeks of antibiotics, and I get heartburn every day. (I thin k I am still infected with H.PYLORI.) Does anyone know If I could have another infection, too?

And, I also have circulating immune complexes in my blood. RAJI: >78 (reference <63.) Could EBV be causing it? The doctor diod not order any other test? Did the T-DAP make things worse? Please help me.


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So sorry you're feeling so awful.
I don't have the answer to any of your questions, but seem to recall the D-Tap vaccine coming up in the context of some autism discussions.
Maybe google, D-Tap, autism? See if that turns up anything.
Also, have u considered switching docs or seeing an ID doc? Yours doesn't seem very proactive.
Finally, if you're feeling this awful, you might want to make some contingency plans regarding work. Look into taking medical leave. Check out what your rights are & maybe sound out your doc on whether he would help you if it came to that?
Best to have all your ducks in a row before things get really critical.
I think rest and stress reduction are crucial in the phase you are going through. If I could go back and do things differently, I would have rested and taken medical leave at the beginning of this illness, & I think things would have gone much better for me.
I understand you need to work to pay the rent. But you also need to safeguard your health.
One more thing. Others have posted about how their illness came on after vaccinations.


Patient in training
Jeanne, it is known that vaccination can trigger ME/CFS illness (some members here have had their illness initiated that way) or a vaccination can make your illness worse. What happens is it take your immune system in overdrive. Dr Byron Hyde (www.nightingale.ca) studies vaccination as it relates to ME.

Take care. K


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Agree with Kati

Any vaccine can provoke symptoms. It doesn't matter which vaccine, only that you have CFS, or have other contributing factors (XMRV??) waiting to be activated.