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Does LDN lose it's effectiveness over the long term?

LDN is one of the treatments that I started on pretty quickly after being diagnosed with CFS. When I first titrated up to the 4.5mg dose I felt absolutely amazing. My sleep was incredibly refreshing, my brain fog was gone, I was very energetic and motivated, and at work I was really engaged and practically dancing while working at the computer. Over time the effects became less obvious though. Now two years later I continue to take it, but it's not clear that it gives me any benefits. If I miss a dose, or even if I take a break for a whole week, I don't notice any difference. My doctor still seems to think that it's important that I stay on it though.

What are your experiences? Does it still seem like a clear win to you?


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Concord, NH
I started LDN in late 2009 stopped about 1 year ago. Insurance changed so not covered, just don't have the cash to pay out of pocket. I have not noticed a decline, yet, would probably get back on it in the near future. Guess when I take LDN again, could be interesting to see what happens :)

Guess when I take LDN again, could be interesting to see what happens

Yeah, I wonder if having enough time off the drug before restarting would enable me to experience the initial euphoria again. I took a week off on two different occasions without any noticeable effect when I restarted, so that was clearly not enough time.


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I'm on LDN for a year now. It doesn't take all muscle pain away a but it's really tolerable. And when I sometimes do too much I find myself in pain again. That's not a bad thing because I then know how much LDN helps me.
So for me it still works.
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