Does high dose Valtrex or Valcyte lower EBV IGG levels?


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My EBV IGG levels are still high (EA and IGM are normal), so I’m hoping to try high dose antivirals. I know these have helped some folks feel better, but would they also lower the IGG levels?
SF Bay Area
I have symptoms of ehlers danlos, CFS and dysautonomia.

Elastic skin
Easy bruising
Hypermobile fingers
Heavy body feeling (like I'm wearing weighted clothes)
Occasional air hunger
Exercise intolerance (used to be extremely active but now it just worsens my symptoms, mainly the air hunger and heavy feeling)
Nausea when in car
Bouts of excessive belching
Muscle twitches
Peripheral neuropathy (mainly in hands but can be feet too)
Muscles sometimes feel weak like they've been used to the point of exhaustion even though I pretty much was just resting on the couch or bed with minor walking to the kitchen or bathroom.

Some of my recent bloodwork:
Blood results:
Natural Killer Cells, Functional 12 Normal (this surprised me because this is usually low with CFS)
CD4/CD8 Ratio: 0.84 Low
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 58 High
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae IGG 2.96 High
EBV IGG 73.30 High
HerpesVirus6 IGG 1:40 High
Varicella Zoster Virus IGG 450.50 High
Creatinine, random urine 18 Low

Lyme and co-infections

Quest - All negative
Igenex TBRF Borrelia immunoblot IGM Indeterminate, IGG Positive
Igenex Babesiosis ducani IFA IGG 80, <160 may or may not suggest active infection
Bartonella Quintana Quest and Igenex negative
Galaxy triple draw reactive on 1 of the samples.