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doctor in Tucson or Albuquerque

Hi! I suppose it depends on what you are looking for. I was originally diagnosed with CFS and Fibromyalgia by Jacqueline Dean, MD (Rheumatologist) in Albuquerque. I have recently received relief of symptoms from Richard DeFelice, DOM DC. He practices acupuncture and chiropractics, as well as chinese medicine. I receive good care from Michael Keslin, MD for allergy/immunology, and my current rheumatologist is Kumar Vijayalakshmi MD at Lovelace.


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I've been in Tucson the last 7 years and AZ all my life, and a good doctor for me/cfs is about as common as a unicorn in these parts. The one good one I knew of retired and no one took over his practice.

I hear good things about Dr Puca, but the sporadic times I've called, he's not accepting new patients. Have not called in quite some time though.

Sorry I don't have better info to share.

I am seeing Dr. Daniel Mihalyi up on Erickson Dr. I dont know how good he is yet but he is amenable to bio-identical hormones, Armour thyroid, and low-dose naltrexone if you ask him for it,..........and lastly but not least, he takes insurance which is a godsend. :victory: