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Do you think there will be a book about XMRV soon?


I never looked into HIV or other viruses. I know it's much too early now but a book that explains what XMRV is, how it works and how it causes what symptoms would be very interesting in my eyes. Do you think something like this will be available soon? I mean all the presentations of doctors about XMRV go into this direction but still lack lots of science in order to answer certain questions.
I bet that if there is someone preparing a book on xmrv right now that their editor is extremely frustrated with their constantly changing drafts! Developments seems to be happening so fast that a book being written now could be out-dated by the time it hits the shelves of the bookshops.

Lets hear it for progress :victory::victory::victory:
Maybe it's not too early but just that the information is growing very fast.

Asides from a scientific bk on xmrv perhaps there are authors toiling away on a historic account of it's emergence and significance. Will Hillary Johnson be able to resist the temptation to catalogue the unfurling quagmire of this r-virus in a new book? I hope not!

I am unable to read books now but there are 2 indirectly related books I saw on Amazon that I'd love to sink my brain into:
Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the meaning of life
Has anyone read these books?


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Ye, I guess you are right. It's maybe too early.

I'd say it's way too early for a book, but I'm sure some are working on them(!) -- and of course lots of news articles will be out next month, which will be great, whether one is XMRVpos or neg.
Andrea Whittemore could write a book, the ending of the book does not need to be like a total conclusion of being cured. Of course she might be onto a cure for herself already.

I would like to write a book, lol... wish I could get into a drug trial and be cured and write about it. Ok, back to reality now :)