Do other B-complex vitamins really compete w/ B12 for absorption?

Been doing a lot of reading on intramuscular vitamin injections lately and I frequently run across recommendations to take B12 injections (methylcobalamin) separately from B complex injections because apparently they interfere with the absorption of each other.

I haven't found the specific studies showing such an issue yet, but to make matters more confusing there are places that make them combined together.

Honestly maybe I'm naive, but I really have a hard time seeing it being much of an issue.

Any thoughts?


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Im not an Methylation expert at all,
but if I were you,I would try to get them seperately first.
this way,you will know whether it is just the B12 or if its another B Vitamin that helps you.
From my (ORAL intake)experiences they defenitely seem to interfere with each other. i.e.B12 can deplete B2.