Dissolving implant for pain


"Deal with it"
Illinois, USA
"The biocompatible, water-soluble device works by softly wrapping around nerves to deliver precise, targeted cooling, which numbs nerves and blocks pain signals to the brain. An external pump enables the user to remotely activate the device and then increase or decrease its intensity. After the device is no longer needed, it naturally absorbs into the body — bypassing the need for surgical extraction."

Hope... that before I die, I might enjoy a day without constant pain..



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Sounds like it's for short term use, as for post-op pain. Strange that the article implies that there's no options between this new experimental thing and opioids, when local anesthetics delivered by a catheter to block nerves have been used in surgery and post-op pain for many decades, quite effectively. This approach is used in exactly the same kind of cases they discuss in the article, like surgery on arms or legs (e.g. knee, ankle, shoulder, hand surgery, or amputation). When no longer needed, you just pull out the catheter. I'd have to see the safety record of the new device compared to the usual local anesthetic continuous nerve blocks before wanting to use it.