Discovery reveals new gut-brain pathway driving fatty food cravings


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I don't recall reading complaints about ME causing cravings, but I thought this was an interesting discovery.

The next step was to zoom in on the gut and figure out how it was sending fat-related signals to the vagus nerve. Here, the team discovered two groups of cells lining the intestines that appeared to be talking to vagal neurons when fat reached the gut.

“One group of cells functions as a general sensor of essential nutrients, responding not only to fat, but also to sugars and amino acids,” explained Li. “The other group responds to only fat, potentially helping the brain distinguish fats from other substances in the gut.”"

“Our research is showing that the tongue tells our brain what we like, such as things that taste sweet, salty or fatty,” said Zuker. “The gut, however, tells our brain what we want, what we need.”

Since ME affects neurological function, including the vagal nerves, this could be an issue for PWME. Has anyone here gained or lost a craving, or at least had the strength of a craving change?