Difference between nitroglycerine sublingual and tablets for anginal pain etc?


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I have OI that has worsened. I have these new symptoms that starts with shortness of breath before I get this pressing heavy feeling in my left chest. Tried nitroglycerine sublingual spray a while back that seemed to be very helpful. Im now on the lookout for nitroglycerine sublingual spray but I have only found a source for tablets atm. Will ask my GP this week too.

Can I ask what your experiences has been with the different variants?

Found this:
Nitroglycerin (glyceryl trinitrate, CAS 55-63-0, NTG) administered with an oral spray may be more effective in relieving anginal pain than sublingual tablets especially when the patient's mouth is dry.

When it comes to tablets, what dosing and schedule should one follow?

I will research this further but wanted to ask you guys.


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Not sure if this helps, but I was put on Imdur which is a script (Isosorbide mononitrate) for blood pressure. It modulates nitric oxide. I have no complaints.