Detoxamin stories or Modified Citrus Pectin stories?

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I have searched the various treatment threads for Detoxamin (chelator suppositories) or MCP stories until I'm bleary-eyed, but I found only a few references. My heavy metals test showed high levels of arsenic and aluminum and I'd like to reduce that burden, but with my chemical sensitivity and low functioning, I'm concerned about anything that could make things worse. The promo materials talk about Detoxamin's gentleness, but I'd greatly appreciate hearing from any of you who've had either success or bad side effects. If you were helped, how long did you take it?

Thank you so much! You guys are a wealth of information and experience! :Retro smile:
I tried detoxamin and it is gentle. You have to lie down after taking it, or it will create a movement way too early, wasting an expensive product. This can be a good thing: imagine Beetoven's glee in writing about his 5th Movement.

Other products worthy of research is DMSA 25mg for starters. This chelates via the kidneys. If you feel kidney pain, skip a day. Take it slowly at first. It also chelates the good minerals as does Detoxamin so an expensive but good mineral supplement is mandatory.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a naturally occuring substance in each cell. This is an intra-celluar chelator (inside the cell). DMSA is extra-celluar (outside the cell). ALA should be started after being on DMSA or Detoxamin for a bottle or two. ALA can dump toxic metals the body dilutes it (eating, drinking) so it can re-deposit toxic metals. ALA has a half life of 4 hours. It's usually used w/ DMSA as DMSA permanently claws toxic metals.

The absolute best chelator is sweat. The sweat glands are the "3rd kidney of the body". Hot baths, FIR saunas or steam saunas will do wonders. Even a walk in closet with an electric heater will work. I put a thermometer on the wall and take my own temp often. The sweat smells awful, but after a hot shower, I'm a new man!
Per Dr. Andrew Cutler, (No More Amalgams) one qt of sweat = 25mg of DMSA.


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I am dealing with the same issue as you. I have a lot of heavy metals in my system--particularly arsenic and uranium--and have been trying to find a GENTLE way to get them out. I also have MCS, so my nervous system cannot handle any strong chelators. I would not EVER consider DMSA, DMPS, EDTA. My TCM practitioner, who works a lot with heavy metals, has told me some horror stories of hyper-sensitive people getting very ill from those. They can cause kidney and liver damage, if you are not REAL REAL CAREFUL and properly monitored in the process.

I have also tried ALA and did VERY poorly with that. I didn't do well at all with chlorella or with cilantro either...

I try to stick to the citrus pectin and chlorophyl and N-A-C, which work much bette for me. There is actually a JArrow product called Heavy Metal Detox, which contains alginate with fruit pectin. You might look into that.

ALSO you might check out the thread that Dan (dannybex) started, related to this topic. He has been going through a rough ride with a heavy metal dump caused by the methylation protocol. YOu might get some ideas there.

PS thanks Allwxrider for reminding me about the saunas. I need to start that back up eventually.


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Just to point out something, Modified Citrus Pectin is actually a patented product because the manufacturer claims that it is pectin to be modified through a propriety process ending up at a lower molecular weight, this allows it to be better absorbed. While the manufacturer is right this is also marketing bs.

Pectin is the genetic term for all kinds of fiber found in nature of a certain structure in water and certain properties, this fiber is present in apple too and not just citrus fruits. My point is that when you 'modify' it you are basically breaking it up into smaller pieces, cutting it up, digesting it. This is what our digestive system is for anyway and we do not need some outside source to do that work for us. If our digestive system cannot do that, we would be dead by now.

If you are so concerned about getting that same effect, just take apple fiber supplements with a digestive enzyme ( any kind or with cellulase ) or with Vitamin C, Betain HCL or Asprin. The acidic conditions or enzymes will more than break down the pectin into lower molecular weight and save you tons of money.