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dermatophyte/eczema under blacklight (UV-A)

Last year I noticed some skin changes on my left crook of the arm. Could have appeared after blood drawing.

It's like a layer of scab that feels rough. If I put on e.g. cinnamon bark oil it takes up the yellow color of the oil which makes it very visible but it didn't have a strong effect on it.

Under blacklight (395 nm) it looks likes this:


(left arm)

(right arm)


While scanning my whole body I also noticed it is on my throat.

Does it look like dermatophytes (skin fungus) or eczema or something totally different?

I also noticed the red glowing from my sebaceous glands, which seems to come from bacterial protoporphyrin.

The main fluorescent chromo-phore responsible for red Fluorescence of sebaceous follicles could already be identified as bacterial protoporphyrin by Cornelius and Ludwig in 1967
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CRC Press, 27 Sep 2006

See also:

Skin Res Technol. 2008 May; 14(2): 201–207.
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After reasearching possible fungi I think it is pityriasis versicolor.

See page 37 in this presentation:


Before I noticed it I noticed a yellow brusing after my first blood drawing last year.

It happens when the blook leaks from the vein into the surrounding tissue.

My theory is that the fungus is feeding on this decaying blood. Last year I got a lot of blood drawings so there was probably always a bit of leaked blood in that area on both arms.

Regarding the fungus on my throat, I have reflux (I think it's LPR, silent reflux because I only have it at night) and bloody phlegm every morning, maybe the fungus on the throat feeds on the blood that leaks into the tissue.

Yesterday I took 250 mg Terbinafine HCl and today it's already turning white and looking scaly.

I already took it for 14 days in the winter but without any success. I guess the blood circulation is very important for these antifungals to reach all parts of the skin. And in the winter my blood circulation was probably very bad (I always have cold hands unless it's over 25° C).