dental implants/bone graft OK for PWCs?

Does anyone have experience with dental implants (I think they are mostly titanium), and bone grafts (they can be cadaver or bovine? But they have other ingredients in them? Like growth factors, abx's?)?
I can't find any info on the Net that addresses this.
I am seriously considering the above, but the bone grafts has to be put in this wk, if at all. (bridges are not an option for me)
Any info on ingredients and/or brands that are OK - or not OK - would be appreciated (as would info on any reactions)
Thanks - Les


Sorry friend i don't have any idea about this topic, but it seems to be interesting to me so i would also like to join you and have full knowledge about this.


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Hi Imaz

I'm sorry at this point I have no idea. I am going to dental hospital 24th of this month to see if they can save my teeth. My teeth are fine, but my gums are shot. If I learn anything I will let you know.


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While implants might technically work, the long term result of having them is chronic infection in the bone around the implants, frequently actually killing the bone. If the bone has been killed, there is no reaction to the infection. The problem with implants is there is nothing stopping bacteria travelling from the mouth down the side of the implant and deep into the bone, since they aren't sealed. Natural teeth are attached totally differently. In fact infection and bone loss around implants is so common, dentists in their infinite wisdom even invented a new term for this infection, peri implantitis.

check out what wikipedia says about peri implantis

Currently there is no universal agreement on the best treatment for peri-implantitis. The condition and its causes is still poorly understood.

just wow .. all i will say is if you have an implant is, good luck with jawbone necrosis.